Strategic Advisory Council

Bill Graham
Bill Graham is the former President and Chief Executive Officer at Vencore. Over the course of his tenure, Bill demonstrated the value of systems engineering and integration by ensuring Vencore consistently delivered data-driven solutions to our customers on schedule and within budget. Bill attended the United States Naval Academy where he received a Bachelor’s degree in engineering. He then attended the United States Naval Postgraduate School where he earned a Master’s degree in computer systems management. Bill retired from the Naval Reserve as a Captain in 1995.
Charles E. Allen
Mr. Allen has served as a member of the U.S. Intelligence Community for five decades and is nationally recognized as an expert in counterterrorism, homeland security and information sharing. Mr. Allen has held a number of leadership positions at the Central Intelligence Agency, including Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Collection. He was also appointed as the Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis for the Department of Homeland Security and is currently a principal at the Chertoff Group.
Martin C. Faga
Mr. Faga is the former chief executive officer of MITRE, which operates five Federally Funded Research and Development Centers. Before joining MITRE, Mr. Faga served as Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Space, where he was responsible for overall supervision of Air Force space matters. He also served as Director of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), responsible to the Secretary of Defense and the Director of Central Intelligence for the development, acquisition and operation of all U.S. satellite reconnaissance programs.
Mary Margaret Graham
Mrs. Graham was appointed as the first Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Collection in 2005. In this role, she worked on behalf of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) to conceptualize and manage DNI oversight of intelligence collection programs across the Intelligence Community (IC) until her retirement in 2008. She previously served as the Associate Deputy Director for Operations for Counterintelligence at the Central Intelligence Agency. In her 29 years with the CIA, she had numerous field and headquarters assignments.
Jeffrey K. Harris
Mr. Harris has contributed to U.S. national security in both government and industry for 35 years by fostering new technologies, programs and capabilities. He has served as the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Space, Director of the NRO, and Associate Executive Director of the Intelligence Community Management Staff. He was also the President of Space Imaging, the first company to commercially provide high-resolution satellite imagery and information products of the Earth for cost-effective solutions to today’s global business needs.
Dr. Paul G. Kaminski
Dr. Kaminski is the former Under Secretary of Defense for acquisition and technology. He has spent his career working with advanced technology in both the private and public sectors. Dr. Kaminski is Chairman and CEO of Technovation, Inc., serves on the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board, and chairs the Defense Science Board.
Kevin J. O’Connor
Mr. O’Connor is the Chair of Bracewell & Giuliani's White Collar Practice Group, where his practice focuses on the representation of companies and individuals in government investigations. He is the former Associate Attorney General of the United States and served as the U.S. Attorney for Connecticut. Mr. O'Connor also served as Chief of Staff to the U.S. Attorney General.
Gary Roughead
Admiral Roughead served as the 29th Chief of Naval Operations from 2007 until he retired from active duty in September 2011. He was the first officer to command both classes of Aegis ships and is one of only two officers to have commanded fleets in both the Pacific and Atlantic. He served six operational commands for the Navy and also served as Commandant, United States Naval Academy, the Department of the Navy’s Chief of Legislative Affairs, and as Deputy Commander, U.S. Pacific Command.