Asset Engineering Management

Managing the Acquisition and Operation of IT Systems

The SI provides our customer with technical and programmatic domain expertise in the design, manufacture, acquisition, and documentation of hardware, software, communication and facility assets.

Hardware/Software Engineering Management

We are focused on ensuring that the development contractor has a well-defined approach for the delivery of hardware and software for a system. We also offer specific domain experience to provide the government with an independent analysis or assessment of hardware designs or issues. In addition, we conduct make/buy decision analyses and identify alternatives for hardware and software acquisition.

Communication Engineering Management

Our technical and programmatic domain expertise is also provided for the design, development, delivery, and/or acquisition of communication capabilities. This includes satellite, Radio Frequency (RF), Optical, Laser, Wireless and WAN/LAN capabilities. Since the delivery of communication services often involves multiple development contractors, our services also include communications design, development, acquisition and life cycle maintenance of communications systems.

Facility Engineering Management

The SI offers customers facilities engineering management services to support all aspects of the life cycle of an Operations Center, including planning, infrastructure design, construction, operations and maintenance, power/space/cooling portfolio management, facility transition, and decommissioning.