Communications Systems Engineering

Ensuring connections for critical communications

Developing safe and secure communications between systems is a challenging problem. The SI has decades of experience developing such communications, and we focus our skills on providing the most effective solutions to our customers. Our expertise is associated with satellite, Radio Frequency (RF), wireless and network communications, and also includes signal propagation and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT).


Communications Systems Engineering (SATCOM, RF, Wireless)

The SI provides full life-cycle systems engineering and analysis support for the design, development and execution of communications systems in the areas of: SATCOM payloads and systems; SATCOM architecture, requirements and design; communication resource sizing and allocation analysis; and RF field testing and experimentation.

Link Closure Analysis

Link Closure Analysis provides our customer with the capability to define and populate single or multi-hop link budgets through: high-fidelity communications modeling and simulation; link budget analysis, atmospheric, weather and propagation effects on communications signals; and RF threat/vulnerability assessment.

Frequency Management

The SI's spectrum management team has a broad background in all facets of radio regulations, registration of frequency spectrum, and analysis of radio interference. Our experience includes serving as delegates for the US at Telecommunication Union (ITU) meetings, as members of national advisory Federal Communications Commission (FCC) committees, and working with regulatory agencies (e.g., National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and ITU) to help improve their documentation. We have advised and assisted Government agencies in filing new systems, and supported working group meetings to proactively work current issues and head-off potential problems.

Other activities we support include researching ITU databases to ascertain if systems in certain orbital locations could present problems in coordination; performing analyses and simulations to assess Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) potential; and testing to determine impact on performance in the presence of radio interference.

Communication Technologies

We conduct research and analysis on the latest communications technologies and apply our expertise in the areas of: advanced coding theory and technologies; numerical electromagnetic analysis technologies; advanced bandwidth efficient modulation (BEM); laser communications; wireless communications; voice-over-IP; telephony; and low probability of detection/low probability of intercept (LPD/LPI) communications.

Network Engineering

The SI architects and sizes communication networks by applying our engineering and analysis expertise in the following areas: network architecture, requirements and design; network modeling and analysis; and network performance tuning and troubleshooting and protocol interactions.

SIGINT Systems

The SI provides full life-cycle systems engineering and analysis support for the design, development and execution of SIGINT systems in the areas of: SIGINT systems architecture, requirements and design; SIGINT technologies; SIGINT geolocation (TDOA, FDOA, AOA, LOB); and atmospheric, weather and propagation effects on signals.