Geospatial Intelligence

Answering the Challenges of Delivering GEOINT

Geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) plays a critical role in all aspects of national security and disaster response. Delivering reliable and timely GEOINT depends on having the right people, processes and technology, each of which presents its own challenges.

Coordinating large groups of stakeholders, customers and employees is always a challenge, but it is necessary to understand requirements and make the mission successful. Processes can raise efficiency but some run the risk of stunting growth and creating bottlenecks for the organization.

Technology’s biggest challenge is not the lack of it, but the ability to adopt and maintain awareness of it. Today’s large, technologically advanced organizations must continue to transform quickly and affordably.

Integration is key.

There is an increasing need for integration across the National System for Geospatial-Intelligence (NSG), but the role of the integrator is changing. A team that understands engineering is necessary but not sufficient. Large, sophisticated organizations need an advanced integrator that can address:

  • Affordability – understanding which combination of legacy and modern systems will provide the most value
  • Requirements Continuity – understanding the detailed linkages between programs and specific missions
  • Innovation Integration – taking advantage of commercial technology advances
  • Agile Implementation – balancing process with agility
  • Cyber Readiness – building architectures that withstand growing threats
  • Enterprise Closure – maintaining an end-to-end picture of your enterprise over the life cycle

You want an integrator that has proven experience addressing these challenges in the GEOINT domain, and that can ensure GEOINT gets into the hands of users.

The SI enables informed, data-driven decision making so customers can reduce risk, extend the life of critical infrastructure, uncover system efficiencies, optimize portfolios, and acquire systems that work as needed–all on time and within budget. Our employees have broad systems engineering and integration skills, as well as highly-specialized knowledge of domains relevant to geospatial intelligence integration. The SI has been providing total mission integration to the GEOINT community since 1972 and continues to help customers manage their transformations efficiently.


Application Service Provider/Infrastructure Service Provider (ASP/ISP) Modeling

ASP/ISP modeling simulates the enterprise you envision before you make your investments. Modeling and analysis allows informed decisions to be made that optimize cost, schedule and performance.

Advanced Architecture Techniques and Portfolio Management

The SI’s advanced architecture techniques and portfolio management capability gains insight into system interdependencies, permits rapid assessment of proposed changes, and enables decision makers to understand real world affects influencing design choices consistent with budget and mission needs.

Enterprise Integration

Enterprise integration ensures all the pieces of an enterprise are well-defined and interoperable through thorough understanding of the current architecture coupled with an engineering eye toward achieving the vision.

Teaming Expertise

The SI has a proven ability to create a positive, productive team of other companies, small businesses and research centers that will deliver customer value.