Information Services and Technologies

Transforming enterprises through innovation, engineering and analysis

We have a long history of mission success associated with designing and delivering information processing systems involved in executing TPED (Tasking, Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination) activities. Our expertise includes in-depth knowledge of the operations of each component system, as well as the interactions between all of these systems. This knowledge allows us to conduct trade studies to size and optimize the performance of both the individual systems and the enterprise and provide recommendations on their development and operation. In addition, our understanding of the mission helps ensure that the systems meet the needs of the end user. We also have experience in implementing cloud-based data access and service delivery solutions.

Our engineers and analysts have detailed knowledge of:

  • Information processing system design and definition
  • Operations of digital processing systems, dissemination systems, data storage systems, and information processing systems
  • Modeling and analysis to assess information throughput, timeline, capacity, and utilization for operational, planned, and future systems
  • Modeling and analysis of application and infrastructure services
  • Operational troubleshooting and anomaly support

Information and Data Processing System Engineering

The SI provides full life-cycle systems engineering and analysis support for the design, development and execution of information and data processing systems.

Operational Performance Reporting and Trend Analysis

This capability includes the assessment of operational wideband data volumes and timelines as they flow through the NSG architecture. Tools are used to evaluate throughput, timelines and usage characteristics at the system, segment, interface and user level. This capability is used to support OPS activities, capacity management and anomaly resolution, as well as to form a basis for future design decisions.

Capacity Engineering

The SI's capacity engineering capability supports Information Technology (IT) infrastructure planning and analysis needs by providing modeling and simulation, data analysis, instrumentation and measurement, forecasting and trend analysis, performance analysis, service workload analysis, storage architecture demand analysis, mission analysis, tuning and optimization, and root cause analysis.

Our capacity engineering approach applies at the mission, service and component levels. At the mission level, it is used to understand future mission capacity requirements and planning, as well as to implement sufficient capacity at the right time. At the service level, the approach is used to understand service workload patterns and focus on end-to-end service performance. At the component level, it is used to assess component capacity utilization and resource optimization.