Product and Sensor Engineering

Providing end-to-end imagery analysis solutions

The SI is a remote-sensing industry leader, providing systems engineering solutions for state-of-the-art sensor technology. Our support in this area spans the project life-cycle, including the assessment of future sensors and exploitation systems, studies and analysis to define and refine sensor and ground processing image requirements, the calibration and initialization of new sensors, and operations support and anomaly resolution. Our end-to-end imagery analysis ranges from sensor to user display.


Phenomenology and Weather Modeling

The SI’s weather engineering capability provides a complete end-to-end capability based on proven systems integration methods.

We provide weather expertise and understanding of the weather community and combine this with knowledge of our customer’s needs. We provide our customers with an understanding of what can and cannot be done with weather support. We generate requirements and shepherd them through the documentation process to implementation, providing testing and verification support when these requirements go operational. The SI provides operations support and helps our operational customers detect and resolve weather-related issues.

We have specific expertise in material properties, including emissivity and reflectivity of all kinds of materials and their role in atmospheric modeling, especially as related to the NEFDS (Non-Conventional Factor Data Set). We also have expertise in MODTRAN, LOWTRAN and other related atmospheric models in order to accurately portray atmospheric conditions.

Sensor Engineering

The SI understands the configuration and operational capabilities of sensors that encompass a wide range of electromagnetic wavelengths and establishes processes to maintain and optimize sensor performance.

Imagery Tasking, Collection and Ground Processing

The SI specializes in studies and analyses to establish and refine sensor and ground processing image quality requirements. We also perform verification of image quality specifications and requirements, including the documentation of PQ requirements across the enterprise and the establishment of PQ test plans and segment requirements related to sensor performance. The SI also conducts product analysis to assist the user community with the proper understanding of how to best task the sensors to maximize intelligence value, as well as to eliminate, or at least lessen the effects of any system anomalies.

Image Exploitation and Product Validation

The SI performs systems engineering and analysis in support of the development of advanced concepts in image/exploitation system architectures and operations. We assess operational baselines for potential upgrades and improvements, and we provide recommendations for functionality and utility. The SI identifies PQ impacts from enterprise testing associated with recaps of hardware, software and IT infrastructure and identifies required PQ testing early on. The SI reviews test and transition plans for enterprise testing and provides trained and NIIRS certified image analysts and engineers able to perform PQ imagery evaluation. We perform factory, system and site acceptance tests of baseline changes to assure no loss of image quality at this final step of image chain.