Product and Sensor Engineering

Providing end-to-end imagery analysis solutions

Vencore is a remote-sensing industry leader, providing systems engineering, modeling, and analytic solutions for state-of-the-art sensor technology. Our support in this area spans the project life-cycle, including the assessment of future sensors and exploitation systems, studies and analysis to define and refine sensor and ground processing image requirements, the calibration and initialization of new sensors, and operations support and anomaly resolution.

Our understanding of sensor characteristics, environmental effects, image-correction techniques and advanced technologies in data fusion, visualization and processing algorithms allows us to offer innovative solutions to complex problems. The SI uses an end-to-end systems approach coupled with modeling and simulation expertise to guide the life cycle aspects of visible, infrared, radar, multispectral and hyperspectral systems.

For new sensor technologies, Vencore has extensive experience in planning and executing Airborne Flight Tests (AFT) and associated ground truth collection that are critical to demonstrating the utility of a new sensor, and that it meets user needs prior to operational deployment. Additionally, our lab facility provides an agile, dynamic environment that has been used to support payload initialization, anomaly resolution, sensor calibration, and image analyst evaluations.