Satellite Systems Engineering

Innovative solutions for next generation space assets

The SI has robust engineering expertise with the proven ability to focus on the mission and develop efficient, cost-effective solutions for satellite systems. With over 40 years of experience engineering and integrating satellite systems, the SI can help answer the tough questions you’ll face: How can new technologies and capabilities be integrated and provide an optimal solution? What is the ideal space vehicle orbital constellation, as well as maintenance and transition plan? What are the necessary space vehicle pointing and control requirements to satisfy mission requirements?

The SI helps our customers define, develop, deploy and maintain satellite systems through our detailed knowledge and understanding of the systems and the missions they support. Our expertise ranges from understanding the operation of each spacecraft component to the analysis and management of multiple, large, complex constellations of satellites. In addition, we understand and analyze the interrelationships between the various satellite components, such as the space segment, user segment and control segment.


Mission Planning

The SI provides engineering, management and analysis in support of satellite resource allocation and mission planning and scheduling activities.

Command and Control

Our team performs engineering, management and analysis in support of the command and control infrastructure that provides the communication between ground elements and space elements to support the operational satellite telemetry, commands, orbits and mission activities.

GEOINT Constellation Collection Performance

The SI performs detailed simulation and analysis to assess satellite constellation collection performance with respect to a pre-defined set of targets. This includes performance assessment of operational, developmental and conceptual systems and potential “system of systems” architectures, as well as the evaluation of the relative merits of system capabilities by conducting remote sensing collection performance and throughput analysis trades.

Orbit Dynamics and Determination

The SI models space vehicle orbit and constellation architecture design; orbit prediction and propagation; and launch, transfer and maneuver sequence planning.

Space Vehicle Engineering

We provide engineering and analysis associated with the various components and systems that comprise a satellite to include the payloads, power and thermal systems, attitude and ephemeris control systems, and vehicle dynamics.

Multi-Satellite Constellations

The SI performs engineering and analysis associated with the operations of satellite constellations, particularly focusing on both the interactions of multiple satellites towards accomplishing an overall mission objective and the operations of spacecraft in close proximity to each other. This also includes research into the application of emerging technologies, such as constellations of small satellites.

Functional Availability Assessments

We provide predictive analysis to assess functional availability, which is the probability that a satellite constellation will meet predefined service requirements as a function of time. The customer receives defensible information for developing procurement strategies, launch strategies and life extension efforts.

Geolocation Analysis

The SI provides attitude determination, ephemeris and geolocation solutions to determine the geographic location of an object.

Visualization and Analysis

We create two dimensional and three dimensional animations for satellite system analyses and space situational awareness. The visualization capability includes high fidelity three dimensional models of satellites, the sun and the stars, as well as high resolution surface maps of the earth to include boundaries, elevations, contours and terrain.