Strategic Communications

Persuasive, Behavior-Changing Communications

At the SI, we help our customers stay a step ahead of the competition by delivering mission-driven solutions that proactively anticipate and influence the information environment. Our analytical capabilities, blended with our deep understanding of audiences, decision-makers, and decision making processes, allow us to provide our customers with insights that precisely influence behavior.

Communication Analysts at the SI are experts in persuasive, memorable, behavior-changing strategic communications.  Our proprietary, evidence-based analytical capabilities provide our customers with actionable insights into the information environment in four mission critical areas:

  • Understanding target audiences
  • Understanding competitors/adversaries
  • Developing strong communication strategies
  • Optimizing communications – to achieve desired influence effects

We harness an analytical methodology rooted in the natural processing of the human mind and the principles of human psychology, memory, and cognition and their effects on human behaviors and attitudes. Our methodology has been proven to be highly flexible and adaptable at addressing unique communications problem sets in both the private and public sector.

To learn more about our strategic communications capabilities and services, please visit our PhaseOne line of business website.


Communication Optimization

Precision communication analysis to enhance strategic alignment, persuasiveness and level of engagement for any message, any messenger and any communication channel.

Communication Evaluation

Assessing communications impact pre/post deployment as a surrogate for the quantitative test measures regularly available to private sector entities.

Communication Strategies

Strategic guidance for compelling communication strategies and target-focused messaging based on comprehensive set of factors that impact success.

Competitor Assessment

Determine a competitor’s strategic intent, and identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Analysis reveals strategic opportunities and provides a competitive advantage.

Audience Understanding

Technical insight on audience attitudes, beliefs and behaviors – traceable over time –to align strategic communications with wants, needs and desires to affect desired behavior.

Messenger Tracking

Examine the performance of speakers over time, we provide insights into where resources should be bolstered and where they can be refocused.

Gap Analysis

Determine themes and tactics of competitor groups and map them against the wants and needs of specific target audiences in order to determine opportunities for counter communication.

Timeline Analysis

Maps your own communications or those of your competitor against time to reflect responses to catalyst and events – allowing for development of rapid responses to events or long term communication planning.