Strategic Planning

Setting the Course for the Future

Decisions made today have a direct impact on the future. Constantly changing business, policy, technologies and mission environments drive the need for agile solutions and the ability to think strategically. It is imperative to plan, capture strategic goals, and build consensus around actionable enterprise priorities to ensure continued mission success.

The SI partners with our customers to tackle these challenges through our high-impact Strategic Planning services. Our "tomorrow is now" perspective enables an optimized, forward-thinking enterprise. It ensures that roadmaps adequately consider both current and future opportunities and associated risks and lay out an effective, coordinated path forward.

The SI’s Strategic Planning approach develops a plan to achieve the customer's vision by:

  • Clarifying and communicating a logical set of strategic priorities to guide enterprise planning
  • Defining an organizational strategy and direction to provide a framework for decision making
  • Understanding current and future market conditions, including opportunities and risks
  • Identifying the vision and the plan for achieving it

Strategic Assessment of Market / Threat / Environment

Conducting strategic planning first involves understanding the future conditions one will be operating in. Knowledge of the market or environment in which it operates helps an organization to forecast the changing needs and demands of operating within that environment. Understanding potential threats helps in developing mitigation plans to address or combat them.

Capability Gap Assessment

The process of evaluating existing capabilities relative to identified or desired needs and determining where shortfalls exist helps customers better utilize their existing capabilities. Gaps may be the result of no existing capability, lack of proficiency or sufficiency in an existing capability, or the need to replace an existing capability.

Organizational Value Alignment

The SI can help your organization identify vision, goals, objectives, values and culture and assist in developing strategies that align these needs with each other. Through conducting workshops, we define a set of metrics that will aid in monitoring the progress towards achieving your goals and objectives and help you communicate the outcome to the entire organization to ensure common understanding and implementation.

Roadmap Development

Strategic roadmaps provide an effective means to link vision, goals and objectives with defined capability milestones and targets towards achieving the end goal. The milestones help to track progress and also identify if plans have deviated from the end goal. The roadmap may also contain "on-ramps" demonstrating where new capabilities are introduced into the baseline. They may also identify constraints towards achieving the goal and provide a communications mechanism to ensure the entire organization understands the end vision and how to get there.

Innovation and Technology Evolution / Insertion

Through technology evolution and insertion, you receive continuing assessment of emerging technology, its relevance towards solving the organization's challenges, and plans to introduce the technology into the technical baseline. We place an emphasis on continued innovation towards identifying and developing new techniques and technologies to deliver greater performance or efficiencies or address shortcomings.